UGM delegation team which is consisted of Irvandias Sanjaya (Faculty of Psychology) and Wahyuningtyas Puspitasari (Faculty of Economics and Business) got the best delegate on 2nd Startup Accelerator Class. This event is held in 3 days from July 10th-12th 2017 by Indonesian Youth Academy in Kaplan University, Singapore.

Startup Accelerator Class is an annual event and this year comes to the second class which has few category competition: best pitching, best business plan, and best delegation. Continue the 1st class which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the theme for this year is "Ready to Define Your Startup". Followed by around 85 Indonesian youth who selected from their business plan, they join some activities such as workshop, seminar, mentoring, and pitching.

The purpose of this competition is to develop Indonesian youth with essential entrepreneurship skills, build core team to start future startup, to identify the possible global entrepreneurial opportunities available impacted to their local area and to make AFTA succeed. Cooperative with some startup in Singapore, this event gave the opportunity to participants to discuss and sharing directly to the CEOs and CTOs who have already been successfully built their startup in youth age.

The second day there was a pitching session, each team had 3 minutes to pitch their idea in front of the CEO. UGM delegation brought the startup idea of Design for Dream (DfD) which collaborates with disability child. This startup is the first platform crowdfunding business for disability in Indonesia. This business has goals to advocate, support, and realize disability’s dream who live under poverty.

Last day, the participant went for company visit and sharing session to NUS Enterprise which becomes chain driver and incubator of Singapore startup. They also have a goal to create graduate who has the willingness to build or work on startup. NUS Enterprise which is on the way to build a branch office in Jakarta also invited the representative from Singtel Innov8 to sharpen participant knowledge about Singapore startup.

Source: Tyas/FEBUGM