Faculty of Economics and Business UGM held International Week (IWeek) 2017, 4th event this year. IWeek is a short term academic program designed for professionals and for both undergraduate and graduate students to get bigger understanding of ASEAN and to get opportunity to work in team with diversity skill. As it said by Dr. Paripurna, M. Hum., LLM, Vice Rector for Cooperation and Alumni UGM in his opening speech. This two weeks program will start on 24 July-4 August 2014. There are 37 UGM students, 10 non UGM students, and 16 students from Sweden, France, Brunei, the Netherland, Thailand, Japan, and Denmark following the program.

Under the big theme "ASEAN Business Environment", the program is meant to support ASEAN strategic agenda in taking and answering the global market challenges. Basically, the investment in human resources capital especially in the form of education becomes one of the most important aspects needed to be prepared and maintained in supporting ASEAN strategic agenda which has strategic area in the world of economics.

In the same time, in collaboration with Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Vienna (WU Vienna), FEB UGM also conducts International Summer University (ISU) 2017. The program is meant to respond to the change of globalization. ISU 2017 is started from 24 July – 11 August 2017.

ISU 2017 takes Global Supply Chain Management and Masyarakat Transportasi Indonesia (MTI) as the topics. This three weeks program is followed by 20 FEB UGM’s students and 20 WU’s students. In the end of his speech, Dr. Eko Suwardi, Dean of FEB UGM hoped that IWeek and ISU participants could benefitted from the programs.

Source: Meylia/FEBUGM