The Student Affairs Section of Faculty of Economic and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) or currently transformed into a Student Wellness and Personal Development Center (SWPDC). SWPDC is a unit under the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs FEB UGM. Officially founded in 2020, SWPDC has an important role in assisting and preparing FEB UGM students in developing their potential and capabilities.

As a supporting unit, SWPDC has 5 (five) main task areas :

  • Creativity
    FEB UGM supports its students to develop creativity through participation in various competitions and championships, both at regional, national and international levels. FEB UGM through SWPDC facilitates assistance for student teams who will participate in the competition.
  • Characters
    Character development is an important part of the student study process. In accordance with the vision and mission of FEB UGM to produce leaders with integrity, FEB UGM prepares various character development programs, including PPSMB Symphony, CEO Talk, Training, Mandatory soft skills, Non-mandatory soft skills, and internships.
  • Welfare
    SWPDC is tasked with supporting students in realizing the fluency of their studies, namely by ensuring the welfare of students. Various interesting opportunities are offered by partners and alumni of FEB UGM to the students, one of which is by providing various kinds of scholarships. SWPDC bridge students in preparing various needs to support the sustainability of their studies.
  • Organization and Facilities
    FEB UGM encourages students to develop soft skills to support student self-development through extracurricular activities, one of which is in student organizations.
    Currently, FEB UGM has 13 student organizations, namely the Student Executive Board (BEM), Student Press Equilibrium (BPPM EQ), Student Representative Council (BPM), Economic Muslim Student Association (JMME), Christian Student Association (PMK), and the Catholic Student Community (KMK). There are other student organizations, namely the Economics Student Nature Lovers (PALMAE), Global Leadership Forum (GLF), and the Economics Session Band (ESB). Then in the field of study programs, FEB UGM has the Gadjah Mada Accounting Student Association (IMAGAMA), the Gadjah Mada Management Student Association (IKAMMA), the Economics and Development Studies Student Association (HIMIESPA).
    SWPDC is tasked with bridging the interests of students with the faculty, coordinating student activities, coordinating the use of campus facilities, and take discussion on the student activities.
  • Non-academic consultation
    To produce leaders with integrity and character, the atmosphere of lectures that is built both academically and non-academically must be balanced. In the academic atmosphere, FEB UGM has built a good and updated curriculum and lecture management, and supported by qualified teachers so that academic activities are expected to produce the best candidates for the nation's leaders. Furthermore, FEB UGM also pays attention to students' mental health, as well as various non-academic problems experienced by students by providing opportunities to consult with SWPDC, so that it is hoped that the consultations provided can help alleviate problems being experienced by students.

Competitions and Internships

The internship form, internship statement letter, and competition form, can be downloaded here. Submit the applications for the internships via email.


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