Tracer Study, an alumni tracer study, was conducted to find out the transition from campus to the world of work and to get input for improvement of education system at Faculty of Economics and Business UGM. The results of this study will be very valuable for FEB UGM which will be useful for various development progress. Therefore, we welcome the willingness of Faculty of Economics and Business UGM alumni to cooperate in completing this Tracer Study questionnaire.

For further information please contact to:
Unit of Industrial Collaboration, Alumni, and Public Relations
Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, first floor north wing
Jl. Sosio Humaniora No.1 Bulaksumur Sleman
Yogyakarta 55281
Tel. 0274 548510 ext. 124
HP. 08112669296
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Web. http://alumni.feb.ugm.ac.id