Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) provides short academic programs. The short academic program offers to international students from partner universities and beyond from different discipline and background who are interested in business environment topics. 

Global Summer Week

Global Summer Week is a short academic event combining a series of lectures, expert talks, company visit, case study discussions, as well as a number of social and cultural events. It designed for both undergraduate and graduate students to get broader understanding of ASEAN. Besides, they will have chance to work in groups with student with diverse skill and discipline.

For further information and registration, visit gsw.feb.ugm.ac.id

Summer/Winter Course

Summer or winter courses are short programs offered by FEB UGM partner universities. The programs are conducted online, offline, or hybrid. Typically, the summer/winter course duration is 3-4 weeks, and the credit that students will earn is different based on the offered courses. Summer or winter courses facilitate students to have international exposure and support students’ mobility. The courses are usually conducted during the break semester. So, if the students would like to stay for a shorter period of time, summer or winter courses are the right choice.

For further information, visit Summer/Winter Course Program

Asian International Mobility for Students (AIMS)

The Asian International Mobility for Students (AIMS) is a program offered by SEAMEO RIHED’s regional initiative to support the mobility of students and enhance cooperation in higher education among countries in Asia. This program provides students with opportunities to study abroad within selected disciplines and advance their learning and intercultural skills to enrich their global competence as well as contribute to the internationalization of higher education in the region of Southeast Asia and beyond.

The AIMS Program was launched in 2010 by SEAMEO RIHED as a pilot project with the participation of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Over the years, the AIMS Program has expanded significantly. Currently, there are 9 country members and 80 universities participating in the program.

List of participating countries can be checked here

Partnership of Asian Management Schools (PAMS)

The Partnership of Asian Management Schools (PAMS) is a short program offered by FEB UGM. There are 5 (five) collaborating universities that take part in the program.

For further information, visit PAMS