The undergraduate program provides program enabling the students to acquire theories, concepts as well as case studies in the field of accounting, economics, and management. The bachelor program at FEB UGM is taught in English (International Undergraduate Program) and Indonesian Language (Regular Program) and accommodating students with ample of opportunities to get international exposure in the form of dual degree and exchange program.

  • Bachelor in Accounting (Sarjana Ekonomi/S.E.)
    The program provides understanding on theories, concepts, and principal of accounting. The programs prepare students with ability to perform and analyse financial reporting, auditing, and management control system.
  • Bachelor in Economics (Sarjana Ekonomi/S.E.)
    The program provides the understanding on the macro and micro economics theories to solve economics problems. In addition to that, the program equips students with specific knowledge on development economics, business economics, monetary economics, public economics, and international economics.
  • Bachelor in Management (Sarjana Ekonomi/S.E.)
    This program caters students with theories, case studies, and application of finance, marketing, operations, and strategic management and human resources.

To meet the demand for internationally competitive graduates, FEB offers the International Undergraduate Program (IUP). The courses are delivered entirely in English and students are expected to international economics ad business schools standards. The graduates are prepared to explore issues and undertake problem-solving analyses in global business and economics while emphasizing ethics and local values. The curriculum is set to correspond to international qualifications. Therefore, courses are transferable to overseas partner universities, as is the case with the student exchange and the dual degree programs. The existence of this program demonstrates FEB's splendid position among global academic institutions.

For further information about the International Undergraduate Program can be found at http://iup.feb.ugm.ac.id