Faculty of Economics and Business UGM is affiliated and a member of several associations of world business schools.


  • Asosiasi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Indonesia (AFEBI).
    Association of Indonesian Faculty of Economics and Business.
    Declared on May 5, 2006, this association is a gathering place for the Deans of the Faculty of Economics of state universities throughout Indonesia.
    More http://www.afebi.org 

  • Aliansi Program Magister Manajemen Indonesia (APMMI).
    Alliance of Indonesian Master of Management Program.
    It is an institution that provides guidelines as to the implementation of best education (best practices) from Masters in Management (MM) education in order to improve the quality of MM education in Indonesia.
    More https://www.apmmi.id 


  • ASEAN University Network for Business and Economics (AUN BE).
    AUN-BE was established to operationalize the vision of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) and the spirit of ASEAN in the economic and business fields. This network was founded in 1999 at Gadjah Mada University (UGM). Formerly known as the ASEAN Graduate Business and Economics Program (AGBEP).
    More http://www.aun-be.org 

  • Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS).
    Founded in 2004, the association aims to advance the quality of business and management education in the Asia-Pacific region through collaboration in research and teaching and cooperating in partnerships to improve business standards and quality.
    More http://www.aapbs.org

  • Network of International Business and Economics School (NIBES).
    Founded in 1996, the association is committed to improving the business, economics and management programs of its members.
    More https://www.nibes.org

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
    Founded in 1916, it is a global not-for-profit association, connecting educators, students and businesses to a common goal of creating the next generation of great leaders. The association also accredits schools for its members.
    Member since: March 10, 2006.
    More https://www.aacsb.edu

  • Global Business School Network (GBSN).
    Founded in 2003, it is a non-profit organization that partners with business schools, industry, foundations, and aid agencies to increase access to quality and locally relevant management education for developing countries.
    Member since: July, 2019.
    More https://www.gbsn.org

  • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).
    Founded in 1972, it is the largest international non-profit association and network association in Europe in the field of management development.
    Member since: December 10, 2019.
    More https://www.efmdglobal.org