The program is aimed to develop students' and graduates' research abilities. The curriculum is designed in order to train students in developing knowledge and rigorous research skills. Good research abilities include mastery of the material or the relevant theories, research methodologies, and skills in the dissemination of research result. These characteristics are reflected in the output of the teaching and learning activities.

  • The Doctoral Program in Accounting Studies emphasizes critical understanding of the theory, concepts, and methods of research in the field of accounting, as well as improving the activities and quality of research in the field of accounting based on the upholding of honesty, freedom and academic ethics.
  • The Doctoral Program in Management Studies has the objective of becoming a study program that is able to produce graduates who have deep knowledge and master of Management Sciences in their specialized fields, have the ability and expertise in the field of science to serve as lecturers in higher education or hold other positions in communities that are in accordance with their knowledge and level of education, and are able to develop their treasury of knowledge in their fields through independent research that is deep and quite broad in scope.
  • The Doctoral Program in Economics Studies is an educational program that emphasizes critical understanding of research theories, concepts and methods in the field of economics, as well as improving the activities and quality of research in the field of economics based on the upholding of honesty, freedom and academic ethics . Recent developments in economic research are the use of micro data to eliminate bias aggregation. With lead knowledge development, the program articulates the utilization of micro econometrics. The program also develops the latest developments in economics such as the use of randomized experiments that are very relevant in making decisions, especially regarding the impact of social programs. The program also leads research dissemination using laboratory experiments to analyze individual behavior. The program also leads the application of micro econometrics and micro economic development.

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Admissions Information for the Doctoral Program