Faculty of Economics and Business UGM in the effort to achieve strategic vision done by referring to five main ethical values, as follows:


Upholding the principles of honesty, consistency of words and deeds, commitment to promises, moral courage in defending truth, the interests of the organization over the interests of groups and individuals, and being trustworthy and responsible.


Playing its role by referring to the quality and performance standards, conformity with the expertise, expertise and competence, the spirit of self-development in a sustainable, client-oriented and accountable manner.

Objectivity and Fairness

Giving respect to all citizens, regardless of function, status and position, and by not discriminating based on religion, race, ethnicity and gender, and appreciating and evaluating performance objectively and fairly.

Academic Freedom

Recognizing the concept and practice of academic freedom as a central behavior that is to be upheld in learning, teaching, research, and scholarship.

Social Concern

Have a commitment and sincerity to participate and be actively involved in handling and solving various economic, business and social problems faced by the community and are committed to preserving the environment and behaving in an environmentally friendly manner.