Community Service Program (Kuliah Kerja Nyata abbreviated as KKN in Bahasa Indonesia) is an intracurricular activity held by placing students in certain areas in Indonesia. Community Service Program participants consist of student groups with interdisciplinary units. This program is an integrated activity between education and community service in a minimum period of eight weeks which is equivalent to 8 credits. Students will carry out this program for two months with a total of 288 working hours. By the end of the program, students will get a score that will be calculated in the graduation credits at the end of the Bachelor program study. The implementation of KKN is managed by the UGM’s Directorate of Community Service (DPKM UGM).

Academic Requirements for KKN Participants

The requirements for Community Service Program (KKN) consist of academic and administrative requirements. This is in accordance with the Gadjah Mada University Rector’s Decree Number 551/UN1.P/KPT/HUKOR/2022 regarding the Community Service Implementation-Community Empowerment Learning at Gadjah Mada University in 2022, namely:

  1. Registered as an active student
  2. Community Service Program Course is compulsory for Diploma 4, Bachelor, and Profession students at Gadjah Mada University with a weight of 8 credits conducted in a minimum of 2 months or the equivalent of 288 working hours in the effective field
  3. Have taken a minimum of 96 credits worth of lectures and practical course with no E grade (According to the Gadjah Mada University Rector’s Decree)
  4. Registered as a KKN-PPM participant at the faculty as evidenced by the Course Selection Sheet (KRS) in the semester when the KKN-PPM is held.
  5. Following up on Circular Letter of the Vice Rector of Education and Teaching, and Student Affairs Number 3889 /UN1.PI/DIR-PP/DI/2020 regarding SIA Simaster Data Filling, here we convey the information regarding changes to the KRS system for KKN-PPM UGM activities, as follows:
    • 1st period of KKN is listed on even semester course selection (KRS)
    • 2nd period of KKN is listed on the inter-semester course selection (KRS)
    • 3rd period of KKN is listed on the odd semester course selection (KRS)
    • 4th period of KKN is listed on the even semester course selection (KRS)
  6. Currently not taking any courses and practical courses
  7. For female students, not pregnant
  8. Prospective KKN-PPM participants verification is carried out by the faculty to DPKM through the simaster’s faculty admin
  9. KKN-PPM activities are given recognition of 8 credits, with the following details:
    • UNU222001 KKN-PPM 4 credits
    • UNU222002 Public Communication 2 credits
    • UNU222004 Application of Knowledge Management 2 credits for students of the social humanities and health cluster.

Administrative Requirements for KKN Participants

Students who register for KKN must meet the following administrative requirements.

  1. Academic and administrative requirements verification of prospective KKN-PPM participants done by the academic section of the faculty
  2. Verified as KKN-PPM participants by the Faculty Admin
  3. Prospective KKN-PPM participants are required to take debriefing, general tests, and KKN-PPM health tests according to the specified schedule
  4. KKN-PPM participants are participants who have registered at simaster.ugm.ac.id and have attended the full KKN debriefing, have carried out the General Test, and passed the health test

Adjustment of KKN-PPM UGM Credits

Based on the Rector’s Circular Letter Number 6392/UN1.P/Dir-PP/KM.07/2022 dated 2 August 2022 concerning The Adjustment of KKN-PPM SKS and KPI Achievement Targets; Study Program Manager Circular Letter Number 8756/UN1/FEB.S1/AKM/KR/2022 concerning The Adjustment of Credits Weight for Community Service Program (KKN). The KKN-PPM credits weight, which was originally 3 credits, will be adjusted based on the following conditions.

The KKN-PPM credits adjustment does not change the number of credits for compulsory and elective courses that have been set in each Undergraduate Study Program curriculum so that the number of graduation credits will increase by 5 credits in each Study Program, for example: the number of graduation credits of Accounting Study Program students (Bachelor Regular class) 2018 curriculum, which was previously 145 credits, will change into 150 credits. 

Regulations for Students Participating in International Mobility

For students who participate in international mobility programs such as exchange or dual degree, students must fulfill the same Community Service Program (KKN) requirements as students who do not participate in international mobility programs.

Students can conduct the Community Service Program (KKN) before or after the implementation of the international mobility program as long as students or participants meet the minimum requirements for participation in Community Service Program (KKN), namely having taken 96 credits without an E grade.

Complete information regarding KKN-UGM can be seen at the following link, https://kkn.ugm.ac.id