All students are obliged to write and hand over their thesis as part of the bachelor's degree last requirement. In this context, thesis refers to a scientific work that contains research results and/or literature study carried out through a mentoring process with lecturers. The scientific work can be the result of empirical studies (empirical work), critical reviews (critical surveys), or a combination of the two.

Thesis writing aims to train students to carry out research activities and encourage their independent study. In particular, writing a thesis can be a process for students to develop several abilities such as:

  • the ability to plan, manage and conduct research activities on topics related to their areas of interest;
  • the ability to perform critical reasoning and problem solving;
  • the ability to apply technique and analytical methods;
  • the ability to use software or technology that supports academic research activities; and
  • the ability to write research reports in accordance with academic rules.

Thesis Writing Requirements

To conduct a thesis writing, students must fulfil the following academic requirements:

  • Registered as an active student in the ongoing semester.
  • Completed 6 semesters of study with a minimum of 132 credits.
  • Acquire a minimum of 2,50 GPA.
  • Passed the research methodology course (minimum C). This grade requirement is applicable until the thesis defence registration period (refers to the final exam’s chapter provisions)
  • Passed the seminar course (only applied for business students).


Final Project/Thesis

Final Project/Thesis Requirements Document (requires 365 UGM account login)