Prof. Mahfud Sholihin, Ph.D is a Lecturer at the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economic and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada. The lecturer who also serves as Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs FEB UGM completed his Bachelor's Education at the UGM Accounting Department in 1998 and obtained a Master of Accounting Degree from the University of Western Australia in 2003. In 2009, Prof. Mahfud holds a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Bradford, UK. In the world of research and academics, Prof. Mahfud has contributed through a number of publications in international journals such as Accounting and Business Research, British Accounting Review, Financial Accountability and Management, and the Journal of Applied Accounting Research. Besides journals, Prof. Mahfud is also active in writing books. Books that have been written are Management Accounting: Questions and Discussions (2003), International Accounting (2005), and SEM-PLS Analysis with WarpPLS 3.0 (2014).

With a series of scientific publications, who would have thought, this Professor of Accounting was interested in entering the world of accounting starting from watching films on television. The film tells the story of an accountant who goes to the village to solve financial problems at a Village Unit Cooperative (KUD).

"At that time, I decided to not continue in study English literature and finally i chose Accounting," he said.

The lecturer who has research interest in Behavioral Accounting, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, and Islamic Accounting and Finance at first had a chance to study in three majors during his undergraduate level. Initially, Prof. Mahfud is pursuing education majoring in Aqidah and Philosophy, State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. Not satisfied with one department, Mahfud intends to pursue another field, namely the foreign language field at the English Literature Department of UGM.

"So I studied double, at Accounting UGM and at IAIN," said the Chairman of the Sharia Accounting Standards Board of the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (DSAS - IAI).

According to him, the experience of studying in two majors was not an easy decision. He confirmed that choice, considering the request of the late mother who wanted Mahfud to continue studying at the Aqidah and Philosophy Department.

Prof. Mahfud has a unique story when he took his undergraduate education. According to Prof. Mahfud, studying at the UGM Populist Campus is a matter of pride and at the same time leaves an impression. Because, apart from meeting teachers and inspiring experiences, it was on this campus that Mahfud met his soul mate.

Besides studying at UGM Accounting, his wife also lives in the same area as Mahfud.

"If there are those who are close, there are those who are good, why look for those that are far away," he said.

All the achievements that have been achieved by Prof. Mahfud until now, is inseparable from his life motto, he believes that when working, he must be sincere and always feel grateful for everything that has been passed.

"According to the word of Allah, 'Allah will not change the fate of a people if they do not change'. That's why we have to take the initiative, have motivation, desire, targets and prayers, "he said.

In addition, a career in education is indeed a passion and aspiration of Prof. Mahfud since childhood. Mahfud's parents, who work as teachers, also inspired his career.

As Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs FEB UGM, Prof. Mahfud always strives for students to feel comfortable learning, both physically and mentally. To create this atmosphere, Mahfud pays special attention to the climate of seniority of lectures which often uses methods or culture of physical, mental violence, or other methods that greatly disturb the comfort of new students studying on campus, and interfere with junior students in learning material. "I advise senior students not to scare their junior," he explained.

In addition, he also tries to create comfort on campus by providing various learning facilities for students. Starting from the ease of accessing electronic books, to the existence of a student longue which is designed with a contemporary atmosphere.

The man who was born 47 years ago did not hesitate to talk with the students he met at student longue. Occasionally Mahfud also discusses the comfort of the desired place to study from the student's perspective.

"My principle is how students are comfortable and enjoy studying at FEB," he concluded.

Source: Kagama.co