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Updated Information

This page contain the updated information for Covid Center and Prevention related regulations that keeps changing overtime.

Update per 15 May 2023

Based on our experience, the immigration no longer check for the SATUSEHAT Mobile Application for overseas traveler. We still suggest you to keep the vaccination certificate (softcopy) and download the SATUSEHAT mobile application in case there is any random check at the airport.

SATUSEHAT Mobile Application

SATUSEHAT mobile application is the updated version of PeduliLindungi application. International travelers are required to download and register on the application before entering Indonesia. Upon arrival, both Indonesian citizens and foreigners who are eligible to enter Indonesia or those who have completed their quarantine period, will get a temporary GREEN status for 30 days in the SATUSEHAT Mobile. With that status, you can travel domestically in Indonesia for 30 days. However, you are still required to comply with the health protocols and travel regulations that apply in the country.

For those who already registered and got approval in the PeduliLindungi system before March 1st, 2023, the data will be automatically transferred to the SATUSEHAT Mobile application once you successfully log in.

Note: SATUSEHAT Mobile application was just released on March 1st, 2023 so you might experience some features are unavailable or unstable.


  1. A valid passport
  2. A complete (full dose) Covid-19 Vaccine certificate document (English version, physical/digital)
  3. Download and register on the SATUSEHAT Mobile application

Registration Procedure

  1. For Existing User (already registered in PeduliLindungi application)
    1. Update the PeduliLindungi application through Google Play or App Store or you can search “SATUSEHAT Mobile” and tap “Update”
    2. Open the application and log in with the phone number or email address registered in the PeduliLindungi.
    3. You can access the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in the “Vaccine and Immunization”, then choose “Vaccine Record & Certificate”
  2. For New User
    1. Download the SATUSEHAT Mobile through the following link here (Google Play Store) and here (App Store)
    2. Tap “Register” to create an account
    3. Enter your name and email to register
    4. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to the email
    5. Select “Profile” menu at the bottom right to complete filling the profile
    6. Click the pencil icon to edit and complete the profile
    7. Fill in the required data, then tap “Save”
    8. The “Show QR Code” button will be available under your profile and you can show it to the airport officials.

Inspection Process in the Airport

  1. Travelers need to show their QR code profile at SATUSEHAT Mobile upon arrival. It is recommended to download and register before entering Indonesia.
  2. The officer will direct you to the health checkpoint to check the document requirements and body temperature with the following details:
    • If you have no COVID-19 symptoms and body temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius, you are eligible to continue your trip with temporary green status for 30 days in the SATUSEHAT Mobile.
    • If you show COVID-19 symptoms or have a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius, then you have to do an RT-PCR test at the airport and wait for the result in the hotel. While waiting for the RT-PCR test result, you are not allowed to go outside the hotel and interact with other people.
    • If the test result is negative, you are allowed to travel domestically. However, if the test results are positive, you need to isolate in accordance with applicable regulations. The cost of the COVID-19 RT-PCR test will be charged to foreigners.

    Note: If you have not received any COVID-19 vaccine or only receiving incomplete dose fourteen (14) days before departure, you need to undergo a quarantine for a 5 x 24 hour. When your PCR test result is negative after the fifth day of the quarantine, you are free to continue the travel. Please note that all expenses (hotel and PCR test) are charged to foreigners.

  3. Visa on Arrival (VoA) will be submitted after completing the health check with the required documents.

Non-Indonesian Vaccination Record Integration

Please note that the following guideline is according to the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) in the SATUSEHAT Mobile and might differ with the actual procedure in the application since the feature is still under maintenance.

To integrate your Non-Indonesia Vaccination record to SATUSEHAT Mobile, please refer to the following guide:

Before applying, please prepare the following data and documents:

  1. Personal Data & Proof of Identity in scanned or image format. Personal Data ID used is as follows:
    1. For Indonesia Citizens, using Nomor Induk Kependudukan (NIK) in Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP) and/or Kartu Keluarga.
    2. For foreigners, using three (3) Letter Country Code and Passport Number in the national Passport.
  2. Vaccination Record & Proof of Vaccination in soft copy and or scanned format. Please ensure you already have two (2) full doses when applying.

For Overseas Vaccine Certificate (Vaccine Non-Indonesia/VNI) application, below is the step by step guide:

  1. Login to SATUSEHAT Mobile using registered email and or phone number.
  2. Make sure you complete your profile with the following data : Full Name, Identification Number, Date of Birth, Phone Number and Email Address
  3. Go to “Vaccination & Immunization”, then tap “Vaccine Non – Indonesia”
  4. Tap the “Check Vaccination Status” button to check your status
  5. If you have no submission record, please fill in your email address & choose the number of vaccination that you want to input. Please make sure to upload your valid Identity Card (e.g. Passport).
  6. Fill in your vaccination data correctly as stated in the card. Please make sure to upload the correct card based on the vaccine number.
  7. Tap SUBMIT to confirm and you will have WAITING FOR APPROVAL status in Yellow.
  8. Please wait 3 - 5 working days for data verification.

If all your data is correct and valid, you will get APPROVED status in green and you can claim your Vaccine Non-Indonesia/VNI Card in the Vaccine Certificate menu. If you get the REJECTED status in red, please resubmit the application with correct data or document based on the description in red banner.

Source: https://faq.kemkes.go.id/category/satusehat-mobile