SDG 10: Reduced Inequalites

Title Published Date
BEM FEB UGM Assists the Development of Lurik Weaving Artisans in Sleman 14 June 2024
The Struggles of Love’s, Accepted Without Tests and Granted Free Tuition at FEB UGM 14 June 2024
Anticipating Cheating, FEB UGM Implements Special Mechanisms for UM CBT UGM 2024 12 June 2024
Maintains Excellent Education Quality, 12 Study Programs Achieve LAMEMBA Accreditation 11 June 2024
OJK: Gen Z and Millennials Are Vulnerable to Loan Traps 07 June 2024
Micdash FEB UGM Researcher: TAPERA Management Must Be Transparent 03 June 2024
Normalization of Legal and Ethical Violations Will Preserve Corruption 03 June 2024
Hundreds of Runners Join Charity Run in Menfest FEB UGM Cares for Disabilities 31 May 2024
Micdash FEB UGM Researcher Highlights Challenges in Leveraging Demographic Dividend 29 May 2024
The Story of Aliman, The Best Graduate of FEB UGM with a GPA of 3.86 22 May 2024
FEB UGM Released 43 Undergraduate Students 22 May 2024
Rika Fatimah Earns Award from The Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration 21 May 2024
Get to Know Micdash More Closely, the Hub of Microeconomics Studies of FEB UGM 17 May 2024
FEB UGM Nurtures Sustainable Future Leaders 14 May 2024
FEB UGM Strengthens Commitment to Becoming a Sustainable Campus 08 May 2024
Six Undergraduate Students of FEB UGM Received Scholarships from Bank Shinhan Indonesia 08 May 2024
2,990 Participants Take Part in UTBK SNBT 2024 at FEB UGM 04 May 2024
Three Recipes for Writing News to Publish to the Media 01 May 2024
Professor Wakhid's Inspiring Tribute to His Beloved Daughter 30 April 2024
FEB UGM Holds Capacity Building Training for High School Economics Teachers in DIY 25 April 2024