SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Title Published Date
Get to Know Micdash More Closely, the Hub of Microeconomics Studies of FEB UGM 17 May 2024
FEB UGM Nurtures Sustainable Future Leaders 14 May 2024
FEB UGM Students Win 3rd Place in ICAEW Mainland China & South-East Asia Business Challenge 2024 13 May 2024
FEB UGM Strengthens Commitment to Becoming a Sustainable Campus 08 May 2024
Maximos' Story, FEB UGM Student Starts FnB Business from Zero 07 May 2024
Professor Wakhid's Inspiring Tribute to His Beloved Daughter 30 April 2024
1st Place in HSBC BCC 2024, FEB UGM Student Team will Represent Indonesia on the Global Stage 26 April 2024
Discover the uniqueness of FEB UGM Accounting Study Program; there is potential for AI aspects as well! 18 April 2024
The FEB UGM Student Team Wins Second Place in the 2024 Accounting Paper Competition 26 March 2024
The Need to Change the Waste Management Mindset to a Circular Economy 21 March 2024
FEB UGM Receives Smart Interactive Board from PT Dahua Technology 15 March 2024
Exploring the Potential of Generative AI: Building a Responsive Financial Future 22 January 2024
FEB UGM Successfully Held FEB UGM Research Day 2023 18 December 2023
FEB UGM Collaborates with tSurvey by Telkomsel to Facilitate Research 14 December 2023
FEB UGM Student Team Wins Champion in Telkom Accounting Fair 2023 08 December 2023
FEB UGM Contributes 3 Medals at the 36th PIMNAS 04 December 2023
FEB UGM Student Team Secured Second Place in International Development Student Conference 2023 13 November 2023
FEB UGM Holds 8th Annual GAMAICI International Conference 02 October 2023
FEB UGM Inaugurates ANGEL Hub as a Green Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Research Center 23 January 2023