SDG 17: Partnerships for The Goals

Title Published Date
FEB UGM Student Team Wins Multiple Titles at IMA 2024 International Business Competition 22 July 2024
Enhancing Local Creative Industry, FEB UGM Holds EXPOSURE 2024 20 July 2024
BBM UGM Team Wins 3rd Place in International Business Competition OCBC Ventura 19 July 2024
Getting to Know Three Cafes at FEB UGM that Serve as Student Entrepreneurship Learning Spaces 19 July 2024
Foreign Students Learning Social Entrepreneurship in the Remote Villages of Yogyakarta Through GSW 2024 18 July 2024
Dozens of International Students Study Social Entrepreneurship in GSW at FEB UGM 15 July 2024
The Role of ANGEL UGM in Developing Green Leadership and Entrepreneurship 12 July 2024
FEB UGM Holds Global Summer Week Again to Promote Change Through Social Entrepreneurship 11 July 2024
KAFEGAMA 2004 Holds 20-Year Reunion to Strengthen Fellowship and Contributions to Campus 08 July 2024
UGM Appreciates AACSB and LAMEMBA Accreditation Achievements of FEB UGM 05 July 2024
FEB UGM Maintains Record of Prestigious International Accreditation by AACSB and LAMEMBA 03 July 2024
Meila's Inspirational Story: Overcoming Limitations to Study Management for Free at UGM 02 July 2024
Johan's Story: A Farmer's Son from Samosir Accepted into UGM's Economics Program with Free Tuition Until Graduation 01 July 2024
Atul's Journey to Realize Her Dream of Studying at FEB UGM 27 June 2024
BEM FEB UGM Assists the Development of Lurik Weaving Artisans in Sleman 14 June 2024
Anticipating Cheating, FEB UGM Implements Special Mechanisms for UM CBT UGM 2024 12 June 2024
Maintains Excellent Education Quality, 12 Study Programs Achieve LAMEMBA Accreditation 11 June 2024
Want to Be an Auditor? These Are the Skills Fresh Graduates Must Have 10 June 2024
Executive Series MM UGM Jakarta Discusses the Transformation of the Sanur Special Economic Zone 07 June 2024
OJK: Gen Z and Millennials Are Vulnerable to Loan Traps 07 June 2024