SDG 1: No Poverty

Title Published Date
FEB UGM Students Research the Relationship Between People's Economics Concept and Economic Equity 10 July 2024
Meila's Inspirational Story: Overcoming Limitations to Study Management for Free at UGM 02 July 2024
Johan's Story: A Farmer's Son from Samosir Accepted into UGM's Economics Program with Free Tuition Until Graduation 01 July 2024
Atul's Journey to Realize Her Dream of Studying at FEB UGM 27 June 2024
The Struggles of Love’s, Accepted Without Tests and Granted Free Tuition at FEB UGM 14 June 2024
Micdash FEB UGM Researcher: TAPERA Management Must Be Transparent 03 June 2024
Hundreds of Runners Join Charity Run in Menfest FEB UGM Cares for Disabilities 31 May 2024
The Story of Aliman, The Best Graduate of FEB UGM with a GPA of 3.86 22 May 2024
Rika Fatimah Earns Award from The Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration 21 May 2024
Rice Prices Exceed HET, The Explanation from Economic Observer FEB UGM Follows 25 April 2024
The Story of the Children of Agricultural Workers Who were Victims of the Palu Tsunami 24 April 2024
Inspiring! Children of Woodcarvers and Farmers Successfully Graduate Cum Laude at FEB UGM 24 April 2024
The Election Impact on Economy Still Tends to be Limited 25 March 2024
Breaking Stereotypes and Boundaries, Women's Leadership Should Not Be Doubted 20 November 2023
FEB UGM Holds 8th Annual GAMAICI International Conference 02 October 2023
Exploring Evidence-Based Policies, Global Supply Chains, and Sustainable Reporting 27 September 2023